Logmaster WMS

For demanding warehousing, Logmaster WMS

The Logmaster WMS-software is made to fulfil a wide range of customer needs. Typical customers are 3PL-companies who serve a range of different customers and products simultaneously. This calls for an adaptive solution that is capable of handling demanding dynamic business environments. Good stock control provides better quality and fewer mistakes.

Logmaster WMS software consists of the basic configuration and separate modules that can easily be added as the needs of the customer evolve. Because of its modularity the software is suitable for both small and large warehouses alike.

Software general features
  • Accounting integration
  • Barcode scanning
  • Cross docking
  • Data import/export
  • Inventory management
  • Task/work-flow management
  • Collecting pools managing
  • Jobs dispatching based on workers skills and specialties
  • Mobile access
  • Forklift terminal application
  • Handheld terminal application
  • Multi currency
  • Multi language
  • Order management
  • Purchasing management

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